The New Gambia’s Commission of Inquiry into the Financial “MALFEASANCE” of former dictator Yahya Jammeh and his associates has shocked and surprised Gambians at the BRAZENNESS of the LOOTERS OF STATE COFFERS. Little Poor Gambia’s “tycoon”, Mr Amadou Samba, was mentioned in the Panama Papers Financial Scandal of 2016 as being linked to £BILLION Panama deposit companies. Subsequent to Yahya Jammeh being deposed by West Africa’s Intervention Force, Amadou Samba gave an interview from Dakar Senegal describing himself as “managing Yahya Jammeh”. The question for Gambian’s and Amadou Samba is this: How much did Samba’s close buddy and Gambia’s 22-year Dictator Yahya Jammeh deposit? We are sure the Commission of Inquiry will enlighten us … but in the meantime Mr. Amadou Samba has the honour of this website and a similary-named facebook page named after him.