Little Poor Gambia’s “tycoon”, Mr Amadou Samba, was mentioned in the Panama Papers Financial Scandal of 2016 as being linked to £BILLION Panama deposit companies. Subsequent to Yahya Jammeh being deposed by West Africa’s Intervention Force, Amadou Samba gave an interview from Dakar Senegal describing himself as “managing Yahya Jammeh”. The question for Gambian’s and Amadou Samba is this: How much did Samba’s close buddy and Gambia’s 22-year Dictator Yahya Jammeh deposit? Jammeh bought a $3,000,000 mansion in USA – and many more across Africa and the Middle East over his 22yr rule. Yet Gambia’s population is one of the poorest in the whole world – according to the UN. How much have Africa’s other “tycoons” and dictators taken out of Africa? Dictator Jammeh’s pal and Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha is said to have stolen and deposited abroad £5 BILLION of Nigeria’s money while millions of Nigerians go hungry. Ditto Kenya’s elite. The idea behind is to contribute in a small way to highlighting and following up cases of corruption and theft from national coffers – in The Gambia and across Africa.

Just a few days ago, on the 30th of January 2017, Mr. Madi Jobarteh, a Gambian Democracy Activist instrumental in organizing the “GambiaHasDecided” movement that helped chase Dictator Jammeh out of power, wrote as follows on his Facebook page:

“Activism is not just about putting on a t-shirt or waving a flag. It is about seeking the right information in order to expose injustice and unconstitutionality. It is about enlightening, mobilizing and organizing the people to take a definitive stand on a particular issue. It is about writing petitions to the relevant authorities and the public to raise issues. It is about organizing demonstrations to show your disapproval for what is wrong or support what is right. It is about taking matters to court to seek redress and justice. Activism is not ad-hoc and spontaneous activity. It is not a one-day event. Rather activism is a continuous and consistent series of strategies and tactics based on a clear agenda or program that never ends so long as injustice and unconstitutionality exists in the society.”

SAMBAGATE.COM is happy to endorse and adopt Mr. Madi Jobarteh’s clear stance.