ECHO Rebound: Amadou Samba v Sidi Sanneh Part 3

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I know Sankareh, I know him extremely well and I also know what he is capable of and with that said, I’d like to clarify since is my creation. It is rather unfortunate that people will actually believe Amadou Samba of all people. Those assuming the stories about Amadou are wrong and believing his side and that of the journalists he is bankrolling do not seem to have learned much from what Amadou Samba is capable of.

However, the facts are there and will remain

The involvement of Amadou with the came about when he claimed to have wanted to release a press statement and will only do so on a reputable platform. He then sent us his letter and when we followed up, he gave us the “Jammeh Manager” interview. The interview was widely read with tons of reactions, so his handlers in Dakar got in touch with the lady referenced in the Echo article, who then approached us to further talk to Amadou.

Amadou allegedly wanted to come clean to clear the misconceptions about him he felt has been going on for the last 22 years. There was however one catch, Amadou is a smart businessman and he will not put anything in email and wanted face a face. Now you tell me, why the hell will I put my dime, pay a ticket for our top blogger to go to Dakar just to hear Amadou’s “side” of the story? Anyway, let’s visit the ticket issue later…

On Panama, and like many research done on, I did the research and forwarded the information to Sidi Sanneh, who then reported the facts of the Panama Paper, which were made public to the world by the panama leaks. So on that front, what the hell is Amadou on about? In fact, on his initial interview with the Blog, Amadou did not contest the Panama Accounts but rather the speculation of the amount that were quoted in the leaks.

On his meeting with Zenab, what Sankareh should have done is to first establish Amadou’s presence in Senegal and then use that as basis to find out the truth. Instead, I see Sankareh doing the bidding for Samba by suggesting that he called interpol who denied the story. It seems that Sanakareh is either thinking we are too stupid to read or have no clue as to the mandate of the interpol. In fact, if he called interpol to establish arrest, they would have referred him to the local Senegalese authorities as Samba, Zenab and Sarr do not have any international warrants against them and there is no evidence of an emerging crime. On that front, Sankareh is lying. If he just called to confirm arrest of Samba, then of course interpol will say “we don’t have him” and they won’t be lying in doing so.

On the recording (of Amadou Samba’s threats), I wish Sidi Sanneh would let me share. I have heard them and Amadou Samba was not recorded but left 3 voice mails issuing threats. He is a barrister alright, but he was either drunk or very paranoid when he left those voicemails.

On the ticket to Dakar, I myself bought that ticket. I have it on my credit card statement, and in my email because I anticipated that a day like this would come. The ticket was bought on the basis that Amadou Samba would give the whole scoop about Jammeh, which he refused to do it over the phone – I think his barrister instincts kicked in this time around. Being the creator of, I suggested that Sidi Sanneh meet Amadou Samba in London or Dakar to get the scoop. I worked with the honorable lady quoted in the echo article to make this happen. You need to understand, I will never spend a dime to meet Amadou so that he can tell his story. It is his story to tell and if he wants to come clean, then it is incumbent on him to spend his own money to do so.

Anyway, upon Sidi Sanneh arrival in Dakar, Samba got cold feet, because by the time Sidi Sanneh got there, he had already connected with Sam Sarr and one Omar Topp who advised him to hold onto the cards for now to see how things will unfold in Banjul. That was the last time we heard from Amadou Samba.

On Amadou saying “tickets” to see things unfold. It is a blatant lie. Why would someone go to Dakar to see things unfold. Infact, Sidi went to Dakar and came straight back to the States. By the time he left Dakar, Jammeh had already left and if he wanted to see things unfold, he would have caught the early ferry like many Gambian Diasporans to witness the immediate aftermath of Jammeh’s downfall.

On vendetta for Amadou Samba, you best believe that Gambians do have Vendetta against him for what he has done to Gambians and our institutions for the last 22 year. I admonish people for working for Jammeh, but what I find even more unacceptable is that Amadou together robbed the nation blind, separated families and breadwiinners were forced to give up their properties so that Jammeh and Amadou can live lavishly. And now he wonders why people are after him and “tarnishing his image?” This is actually laughable – after 22 years doing the bidding for Jammeh, what image is there to tarnish? Amadou did that long time ago and did not need help from anyone to do so.

Matarr  (“Bathurst Gambia” on Facebook)

PS: On his arrest, I urge the GOTG official who is named as a source to clarify or I will release his name. I will no longer accept having govt officials play both sides of the fence. You are either for Amadou’s loot or you are with the people that voted you in office. You are reading and you have 24 hours.


And more from SMBC Gambia News:

Senegal intelligence rubbishes reports of Gambia’s ex-First Lady’s presence


Written by Sam Phatey on July 25, 2017

A Senior Senegalese intelligence officer on Tuesday denied reports of the presence of Gambia’s former First Lady Zineb Jammeh in the capital, Dakar.

The official, who spoke under anonymity said there was no way for the erstwhile first lady to enter the French speaking West African nation without being noticed.

“As a former First Lady, there are certain protocols accorded and Zineb Jammeh could not have entered Senegalese territory without the prior knowledge of the authorities,” the officer told The Gambia Echo.

“I can assure you that Madam Jammeh is not in Dakar, and according to our records, she has not been here in two years.”

The ex-First Lady was reported seen in a Dakar high-end restaurant dining with two former Jammeh associates – businessman Amadou Samba and former Senegalese Minister of Energy Samuel Sarr.

Samba and Sarr have dismissed the reports are “malicious and fake” by those targeting them to tarnish their image.

It is considered illogical for the Mrs. Jammeh to venture into Senegal with security concerns over external threats at high alerts.

Senegal played the leading role in the military offensive that forced Jammeh to leave power. Its soldiers make up the majority of the West African troops securing the Gambia.

Gambia’s security continues to be under threat and the army has arrested at least four people and investigating an unspecified number of people for mutiny.

Senegal is taking seriously reports of Jammeh’s loyalists in the army working with those that have deserted and his close associates plotting to destabilize the small West African state.

SMBC Gambia News