Gambians Silence JAMMEH’s Last

The spokesperson for The Gambia’s defeated president, Yahya Jammeh has lost his bid to remain in the West African nation’s National Assembly.

Seedy SK Njie, who was nominated to the Gambia’s House of Representatives for a decade became his Information Minister after Jammeh’s cabinet resign over the strongman’s refusal to cede power to the winner of the presidential elections, Adama Barrow.

Njie defended Jammeh’s refusal to step down and propelled propaganda for the dictator, intensifying a political crisis that displaced some 150,000 people internally and at least sent 75,000 fleeing to the northern border.

Njie denied Habisatou Jallow her seat in Nianija by forcing himself to become the APRC party’s candidate in the provincial district. Jallow abandoned the party and attempted to maintain her seat with the backing of the PDOIS, one of the parties that is part of the Gambia’s unity government.

Jallow vowed to make Njie lose if she does not get to win. Both were unsuccessful in their bid to remain in parliament.

Most in Nianija do not know Njie, who has been living in the Greater Banjul Area since his teenage years. Njie has a ‘big man’ like syndrome, being close to the former dictator and did not frequent the district he was seeking to represent.

He only won 411 votes, less than 12% of the votes cast in the district on Thursday.

Another party, the NRP, which is part of the unity government won the Nianija district. The party has a stronghold there and won at least three seats in the northern bank of the Central River Region.

Njie fled to Equatorial Guinea with Jammeh when regional troops entered the country to ousted the longtime president and install Barrow. He returned a week later and continued his work as a senior official of Jammeh’s APRC party and its spokesperson.

He big loss and humiliating defeat means Njie will now have to take the backseat and Gambians, who are struggling to avoid clashes and unite the country, will not have to deal with his ‘insensitive and uncautioned’ statements.

Courtesy of SMBC News.

PS: Dida Halake says, Thank You Halifa Sallah For Helping Habisatou & he Gambian Electorate Get Rid of SQUEALER!