BBC 8 Mar 2017

The Kenyan doctors’ strike is edging towards its fourth month and it has inevitably conjured up other debates over the use of public money.

In the early days of the strike, the doctors adopted a hashtag #LipaKamaTender which translates to – pay like a tender – a jibe at the government after media reports exposed that it had allegedly paid dubious entrepreneurs, who had won state tenders, inflated amounts and in record time.

The government and county governors have also been saying that the doctors are being selfish and their demands cannot be met because of lack of funds.

Now that governors are planning to recruit foreign doctors to replace the medics who have refused to return to work one tweeter has a suggestion – replace Kenyan politicians too.

She has shared a screenshot of a chart in a 2010 edition of the Economist magazine that shows the ratio of pay to GDP per person in various countries – and Kenya tops the league table.