CFA 240 Million: Gift or “management” deposit?

Why would Senegal’s equivalent of Gambia’s own “tycoon” Amadou Samba “GIFT” newly elected President Barrow of The Gambia “2 houses”?

Mar Thiam is Senegal’s tycoon who helped Dictator Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia to build the Banjul Airport building and the Arch 22. Barrow’s Government is yet to audit those two projects to see how much of the project money Yahya Jammeh pocketed.

So why is Mar Thiam gifting Gambia’s newly elected President 2 houses??? Is it, in the famous word of the infamous Amadou Samba, an attempt to gain access and “manage” Barrow?

Firstly, Barrow is not a poor man in need of charity. Mar Thiam’s “gift” would have been better directed to the poor.

Secondly, Gambian’s pay their newly elected President’s salary from their taxes. After getting rid of Yahya Jammeh’s highly corrupt and Amadou Samba “managed” dictatorship, Gambians don’t expect their new President to be taking “gifts” from businessmen.

With the Jammeh experience fresh in mind, Gambians are right to be worried about this and other “gifts”.

But let us not jump to conclusions. Barrow shook hands with the two evil Badgies – and then threw them under the bus as they deserved.

Barrow may not have been aware of these “gifts” when he was publicly ambushed with the offer. It may have no influence whatsoever when it comes to Barrow doing his job in fighting corruption in The Gambia.

I hear Amadou Samba is flying back to The Gambia today at Barrow’s request – and Barrow knows very well that Gambians are watching to see whether or not Amadou Samba gets to “manage” Barrow too.

Like most Gambians, I have faith in Brother Barrow to Do The Right Thing.

Dida Halake,

Notting Hill,




Senegalese Developer Gifts 240 Million CFA Properties To President Barrow


March 3, 2017 News, Politics 3 Comments 3711 views


President Barrow with President Sall

(JollofNews)- An estate developer in Senegal Friday donated two properties worth 240 million CFA to Gambia’s president Adama Barrow.


Mr Barrow who is currently on a state visit to neighbouring Senegal was given the gift by Mar Thiam, CEO of Getran, during a visit to the Getran site in Diamniadio.


He was accompanied to the site by the First Lady of Gambia and Prime Minister Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne.


Presenting the gift to the president, Mar Thiam, who took Barrow on a tour of the luxurious apartments he is building, explained that his action was taken with the aim of strengthening relations between Senegal and the Gambia.


He added that as an entrepreneur, the first markets he won were in the Gambia with Banjul International Airport and Arch 22 in Banjul.


He said the properties are donated in recognition of the trust of the Gambia people and in hope of a healthy collaboration between Senegal and the Gambia.


Receiving the gift, President Adama Barrow thanked Mr Thiam for his generosity. He also commended the Senegalese people and government for the hospitality accorded to him and his entourage.