APRC/Daily Observer Take Note

Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

FEBRUARY 26, 2017 AT 5:12 PM

Very true Madi. Very well said.

A week ago I “advised” Daily Observer owner, Amadou Samba, as follows both on JollofNews and Freedomnewspaper:-

“Daily Observer is registered as newspaper and not an APRC-propaganda sheet. The Daily Observer’s current stance of covering and amplifying the disruptive utterances of Jammeh’s last “Information Minister” is not conducive to the peace and stability that The Gambia’s new democratic rulers – and the international community – seek to establish. The Daily Observer must not allow itself to be used by trouble-makers hankering for the days of the dictator. As the owner/proprietor of the Daily Observer, you are responsible for what the Daily Observer puts out there … legally you are responsible for the Daily Observer’s output of news/propaganda. Please advise your Daily Observer editors to stop amplifying APRC demagogues – and to support the peaceful and democratic aims of the new government that is overwhelming welcomed by Gambians and the international community as a breath of fresh air after 22-years of Jammeh’s “managed” tyranny”.

I hope Amadou Samba and the Daily Observer take note.