Gamtel’s Baboucarr Sanyang & The $Millions Gambia Lost


$4 Million to be Lost in 10 days!!

Source: Freedomnewspaper

January 22, 2017

Baboucar Sanyang, MD of Gamtel , went into a partnership with former Sheraton Hotel handyman Bala Jessey & the powerful Presidential Guards Commander, Saul Badgie to deprive Gamtel & The Republic of The Gambia of millions of dollars in foreign exchange – in the process both making themselves very rich. This is how the scam operated:-

  • The trio operate directly under the instructions of ex-President Yahya Jammeh, who gave his orders to Baboucar Sanyang through Saul Badgie the Presidential Guards Commander.


  • Yahya Jammeh appointed Baboucar Sanyang to head Gamtel – the highest grossing government owned company – only next to the Gambia Ports Authority in terms of income generated;


  • Baboucar Sanyang and Yahya Jammeh brought in a Swiss company called MGI and hived off the lucrative International Gateway phone operation from Gamtel – and gave it to MGI and Bala Jessey to manage;


  • The 4million dollar monthly income from Gamtel’s International Gateway was thus collected by MGI and shared out between MGI, Baboucar Sanyang, Yahya Jammeh and others who will be exposed soon.


  • Other companies who may have undercut MGI’s scam by providing Gambians with cheaper international phone call options were prevented from entering the market monopolised by the MGI Mafia. The ACE project that was killed is an example.


  • Bala Jessey, Babucar Sanyang and Saul Badgie became millionaires overnight and built expensive homes. Yahya Jammeh was already a billionaire after 22-years of looting The Gambia – but the $10 million cash he took with him into exile on the plane is partly part of the cash received from this scam.


  • MGI made no investment in Gamtel – except the DPI equipment that was used to block the popular USA-based Freedomnewspaper that kept reporting on corruption in Yahya Jammeh’s government.


This is an urgent matter for the incoming Government of President Barrow because the next $4 million is due to leave Gamtel (and The Gambia) on the 2nd of February 2017. The Gambia Government needs to make an urgent Executive Order against the payment of this $4 million dollars to MGI in ten days time.


By a Gamtel Insider.